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Meet Yana Lev Daw

Yana, the visionary behind Channeled Art, originated in Russia and holds an MA in Culture and Arts. Her professional journey spans diverse fields such as public relations, translations, modeling, acting, and painting.

Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Yana is immersed in the creation of Channeled Art, infusing her pieces with unique vibrations. Termed "intuitional," her artistic journey began with a spiritual awakening at the age of 27, marked by visions, dreams, and channeling. Initially grappling with confusion, it took years for her to fully grasp her purpose, mission, and the underlying System. Yana expresses deep gratitude to her guides and life circumstances for leading her to a profound self-awareness, all the while embracing an ongoing exploration of learning and discovery.

Yana's artistic process unfolds through two distinct approaches:

  1. Personal Orders: Yana connects with the civilization or Spirit of her client, channeling specific codes and vibrations tailored to each individual.

  2. Awakening Talismans: Accessible to anyone, these talismans embody unique vibrations and are available for acquisition.

Each of Yana's art pieces comes with specific meditative affirmations, allowing clients to forge a deep connection with the profound vibrations that resonate with them. Yana carefully selects natural materials from our Mother Planet through channeling and vibrations. Whether it's a stone, crystal, shell, tree, or any other element, each possesses its own character and unique codes, contributing to the vibrant energy surrounding it.

Yana's artistic expression extends to various materials and techniques, adapting to the evolving creative process. Her love for experimentation and continual learning defines her approach, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving artistic journey.

This is the artwork that Yana will showcase at the auction.



"Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there."


Measurements: 36" × 36"

Materials: mixed media on canvas

Stones: Moon Stones from Brazil

Artist: Channeled Art

At the auction, expect to find certificates generously offered by AUM studio Company and charming gifts thoughtfully provided by Olga Dru.

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