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Holiday Presents

Gift Wrapping Classes

7-12 years old:

In this beginner's class, children will be introduced to the art of gift wrapping for rectangular-shaped gifts using 2-3 decorative elements. They will learn basic techniques that make gift wrapping fun and creative.

13-17 years old:

In this beginner's class, teenagers will learn the fundamentals of gift wrapping for simple-shaped gifts, incorporating bows and various decorative elements. They will also develop the ability to explore different techniques to make their gift-wrapping unique and eye-catching.

Magical Polisilk - Adult class:

This class is designed for adults who wish to master the art of working with Polisilk. Students will delve into its unique features and execution methods, learning fundamental techniques to create stunning and enchanting gift wraps.

Summer Camp 8-9 classes once per week:

7-12 years old:

From simple to complex, this summer camp session will empower young learners to use double tape and unconventional elements for wrapping gifts creatively. They will discover new ways to make their presents stand out.

13-17 years old:

This summer camp session is tailored for older students to master the art of gift wrapping. They will learn to wrap gifts in both rectangular and irregular shapes, tie bows in different ways, create paper roses, and more. Emphasis is placed on fostering creativity by using unconventional materials and techniques. Students will also explore various styles and traditions while gaining proficiency in using professional tools.

Classes for individual adults are organized upon reaching the minimum enrollment threshold. The material fees range from $20 to $65, depending on the specific project chosen. Our dedicated instructors are compensated at a rate of $100 per class, with one instructor assigned for every 10 participants to ensure personalized attention and quality instruction. Additionally, we offer special discounts for organizations, making our programs even more accessible.

Free classes available for children who qualify.

To arrange a gift wrapping class, kindly get in touch with us:

Phone: +1(678)925-1216


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