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Mission and Purpose


Every child deserves to experience the joy of opening a gift on a special day. 

We fulfill this mission by donating beautifully wrapped gifts to families in need.  




Hello friends,

It’s almost Christmas time, and there are a lot of families who are struggling right now to put the food on their plates; nevertheless, give Christmas gifts to their children. Christmas is not just about material things. It is about reminding each other and our little ones that they are not forgotten, and that they are immensely loved and that they are important! 

We are a group of  passionate gift wrappers and designers that are doing something amazing this year. We are organizing a charity to help children of families in need in the greater Atlanta area. These are not just regular gifts... These gifts are wrapped in such an elaborate and unusual way, that these kids will feel EXTRA special unwrapping them. 


The recipients of the gifts are the local churches who work together with children in need. We also work with local orphanages and other non-profit organizations, who help us achieve our goal of reaching as many children as possible who may not receive a gift during Christmas. 



Atlanta GA


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