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Mission and Purpose


Every child deserves to experience the joy of opening a gift on a special day. 

We fulfill this mission by donating beautifully wrapped gifts to families in need.  


About Us


We are a dedicated team of gift wrappers and designers embarking on an extraordinary mission. Our endeavor involves organizing a charity initiative aimed at bringing joy to children from families facing challenges in the greater Atlanta area. But these are no ordinary gifts – they are meticulously wrapped in unique and elaborate ways, designed to make each child's unwrapping experience feel exceptionally special.

Our gifts find their way to deserving recipients through local churches that collaborate closely with children in need. Additionally, we collaborate with nearby orphanages and other non-profit organizations, pooling our efforts to ensure that as many children as possible experience the warmth of the holiday season. Together, we strive to bring smiles to the faces of those children who might not otherwise receive a gift during Christmas.


Discover the visionary behind our cause, Olga Dru. Her love for wrapping presents led her from Europe to the United States, where she harnessed her gift wrapping skills for the greater good. With a history of contributing to various non-profit organizations, Olga's dedication to making a profound impact pushed her to create an even greater change.

Thousands of children have found hope through her organization, a testament to Olga's commitment. Prior to this, her donations in the thousands of dollars demonstrated her compassion for making a difference. As the author of "GIFT OF WRAPPING," Olga transcends mere aesthetics, weaving the art of gift giving into a tapestry of love, creativity, and positivity.

Olga Dru's journey inspires us all to wrap not just presents, but hearts. Every ribbon tied and every bow made is a step toward a brighter future for countless children and communities.

Olga Dru: Unwrapping Hearts, Uplifting Lives


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